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Oil and Gas

The energy industry either directly or indirectly has a big influence on the economies of Oklahoma and Texas. There are many aspects that go into drilling a well from the moment a drill bit hits the ground until it ceases to produce. Through every stage it is important to determine both ...

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Title Curative

Title examinations result in many different types of requirements that are necessary to "clear up" title. Whether it is a quiet title, an affidavit of death and heir-ship, or one of the many other curative matters that result from title opinions, the Seda Law Firm can assist in addressing those ...

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Many states have adopted the Uniform probate Code (UPC), which simplifies the probate process. However, Oklahoma is not one of those states. A regular probate can take anywhere from six months. Due to the amount of time involved, that usually means it can be really expensive. The only people that ...

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Estate Planning

One of the biggest misconceptions is that unless you are wealthy, you don't need estate planning. The reality is, not having estate lawyers in Oklahoma City with the proper estate plan in place is a concern for most people, especially homeowners. Without proper estate planning, when someone passes away, the state of Oklahoma decides how the estate ...


Whether you need an experienced probate attorney or estate planning attorney, our office stands ready to assist you with your matter. Our office can help guide you through your probate and ensure that the estate administration is conducted in an efficient manner. In addition, the firm is able to assist with your estate planning needs including but not limited to revocable living trusts.

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