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Death is Inevitable, Legal Problems Don’t Have to Be

Will My Family Argue?

Anxiety over potential disagreements among family members regarding inheritance is normal- they may not agree- but by creating an Estate Plan your wishes can be made known to your family and the State - reducing the arguments or frustration that can come with trying to access bank accounts and home deeds. Our probate attorneys can guide you through the process.

Have You Heard of Probate?

If there’s not a Trust or Will in place when you die, your home, bank accounts and all assets will be divided up by the Courts! This process can be time-consuming and costly, but can be completely avoided by having an estate plan written before your death. Our probate attorneys will give you your options specific to your situation.

You Can Leave a Legacy Behind

The desire to leave a meaningful legacy is strong for OKLAHOMA families- but many miss the opportunity by putting a plan in place. Who will care for the minor children? Who will make your healthcare decisions? Where will the insurance money and home go? Our estate planning attorneys will assist in putting your wishes on paper.

Protect Your Family’s Future with Expert Estate Planning in Oklahoma

At Seda Law Firm PLLC, we empower Oklahoma couples and families to take control of their future with clear, comprehensive ESTATE PLANNING. 

We understand the weight of uncertainty, so our estate planning attorneys guide you through crafting a plan that ensures your assets are passed on as you desire, minimizing family conflict and avoiding the complexities of probate.

With us, estate planning becomes a proactive step toward peace of mind, not a reaction to life’s unpredictabilities. Trust in our experienced team to secure your legacy and protect your loved ones, so you can focus on living life to the fullest. Doing so will minimize the chances that a probate attorney will be called in to help. 

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FAQs About Estate Planning and Probate in Oklahoma

Do you have questions? We’re here to help with those and address any concerns you might have. If you still have questions, give us a call. Our estate planning & probate attorneys will guide you to the answers you’re looking for.

Estate planning is not only the process of putting together a plan for what happens to your stuff when you pass away but also where you get to choose decisionmakers to manage your assets and make the distributions at the times you have designated. It also addresses who will be making decisions if you become incapacitated.
The importance of estate planning cannot be underestimated. Many estates end up in court resulting in a long-drawn-out court battle where attorney fees and court costs can be costly. A comprehensive estate plan puts all your wishes down on paper with the goal of a smooth transition of your wealth to the beneficiaries.
A comprehensive estate plan includes a revocable living trust, a pour-over will, durable (financial) power of attorney, medical power of attorney, and advanced healthcare directive. These estate planning documents work together to ensure that, regardless of whether you are incapacitated or have passed away, someone is in charge of carrying out your wishes.
Estate planning is for anyone who has an estate that may go through the court system a/k/a probate court. The powers of attorney is actually for anyone over 18 because guardianship court may get involved if they are not in place if someone becomes incapacitated. Additionally, anyone with assets over $50,000 in personal property or someone who owns real property (i.e. a home or mineral interest) has an estate that would need to go through probate if he or she owned it individually at the time of their death.
Because the probate court starts at about $3,500-$4,500 depending on the which probate process is available, it is almost more cost effective to put an estate plan in place. Another benefit is that someone because the “manager” of the trust immediately upon the death of the last grantor of the trust. With the courts, it may be a month before someone is appointed to act. Haven’t we all heard horror stories about the time and costs of probates?
The term probate is a fancy word for the process by which someone’s estate goes through the court system to determine who gets the assets and in what proportions after all debts have been settled. An estate is what a person owned individually at the time of their death.
Probate is necessary and required when a person dies with assets over $50,000 in personal property or he or she owned real property (i.e. a home or mineral interest) individually at the time of their death. The people who would have an interest in an estate has been determined by the state. Thus, if you don’t want your kids to get anything, you need to put a revocable living trust in place!
The duration or length of a probate depends on whether the estate qualifies for a short probate (“summary administration”). If it does, then the probate lasts about two month. If the summary administration is not an option, then a regular probate is the only option. These probates last about 6-9 months IF UNCONTESTED. If the probate becomes contested, then expect the probate to be at least a year in length.
Probate costs include court costs, attorney fees, and publishing fees to name a few. If there are any debts, those will need to be addressed during the probate process. However, summary administrations start at around $3,500 while regular probates start at around $4,500.

Probate in Oklahoma in many ways. Each one has its pros and cons. The most ideal method to avoid is a revocable living trust that will be the most comprehensive.

Other probate avoidance strategies include joint tenancy, life estate, transfer-on-death deeds, assets with beneficiary designations. However, each of these have been known to fail if title is not properly maintained or beneficiaries are not updated.

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