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What is Power of Attorney?

The Power of Attorney (POA), gives one person, or agent, the authority to act for another person. This document can grant limited legal authority or broad legal authority to an agent. An agent can make decisions about the principal’s finances, property, or medical care. A Power of Attorney is frequently used when a principal becomes […]

What is a Last Will and Testament?

A Last Will and Testament is a legally binding document of an individual’s final wishes for handling their affairs and personal property after death. This document can include instructions for all manner of items from child custody to dividing physical and monetary assets. Different Types of Will and Testaments There are several different types of […]

Can I Get A Witness?

Witnesses play an important societal role. In investigations, they provide valuable evidence to solve a case. In trials, their testimony is the difference between the prosecution getting a conviction or the defendant getting acquitted of the alleged charges. Witnesses are also important when it comes to the validity of one’s Last Will and Testament (“LW&T”). […]

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