3 Strategies to Minimize The Impact On Your Estate

3 Strategies to Minimize the Impact on Your Estate

It can be overwhelming and difficult to process the amount of paperwork and legal aspects involved in effectively managing a deceased person’s estate. From notarizing documents, filing paperwork with the local probate court, dealing with beneficiaries—the hassle never seems to end. 

Thankfully, there are strategies that can make this experience easier and bring you peace of mind. This blog post will explore different options to simplify these settlements so you can focus on other tasks. Whether you work as an estate planner, executor, or administrator, we hope these tips serve as a firm guide. Keep reading!

1. Create a Revocable Living Trust

This strategy is one of the best ways to minimize the probate process impact. Creating a revocable living trust allows you to transfer your property and assets into a legal entity that will survive you after death. With this, you can designate yourself as both grantor and trustee, allowing complete control over how your funds are distributed.

2. Designate Beneficiaries

Another impact-minimizing strategy is to update your beneficiary designations on all assets you hold a title or interest, such as life insurance policies and retirement accounts. This will help bypass probate and save time during the settlement. You should regularly update beneficiary designations to reflect any life changes.

3. Examine Joint Ownership Arrangements

You can also use joint tenancy agreements to avoid probate expenses. This is where you transfer your assets to another person, who then owns those assets after you pass away. Consult with your attorney to better understand how this works and if it is your right choice. 

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