What You Need to Know About Probate & Estate Planning Lawyers

What You Need to Know About Probate & Estate Planning Lawyers

Figuring out when to hire probate or estate planning lawyers can frustrate you, but you don’t have to keep feeling in the dark. This guide was crafted specifically to break down the purpose of each service and discuss their differences and similarities.

Whether you’re looking up probate lawyers, probate lawyers near me, or estate planning attorneys, this guide will better understand each profession and what kind of service best fits your needs. Let’s get started!

Secure Your Future & Choose the Right Lawyer for You

Arm yourself with the knowledge to make an educated decision by recognizing how probate and estate planning lawyers operate.

The Purpose

First, you’ll have to get an idea of how both types of lawyers assist you and what their purpose is:

  • Probate is the legal process of settling a deceased person’s estate. This includes distributing their assets to their heirs and paying any debts and taxes that are owed. A probate lawyer can help you navigate this process and ensure it’s done correctly.
  • Estate planning lawyers will create a plan for how your assets will be managed after you die. This can include creating a will, setting up trusts, and making other arrangements.

The Similarities

Now, there are several similarities between probate and estate planning. Both involve distributing a person’s assets after they die, and both require the assistance of a lawyer. Additionally, both can be complex processes, so it’s important to have an experienced attorney to help you navigate them.

The Differences

The main difference between probate and estate planning is that probate is a legal process that must be followed, while estate planning is more of a strategic process.

Probate can also take longer than estate planning, involving going through the court system. Additionally, estate planning can be done beforehand, while probate cannot be started until after someone has died.

Do You Need a Lawyer for Probate or Estate Planning?

Whether you need a lawyer for probate or estate planning will depend on your specific situation:

  • Probate: If you’re dealing with the assets of someone who’s passed away, then hiring a probate lawyer is a must. This is because the process can be incredibly complex, and there may be issues that need to be addressed or disputes that need to be settled.
  • Estate Planning: If you want to create a plan for your own estate, then hiring an estate planning attorney is highly recommended. They’ll be able to advise you on how to best distribute your assets and can help draft documents such as wills and trusts.

Whether it’s to secure your future or plan for the future of your loved ones, making sure to choose the right lawyer is key.

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