Oil & Gas Attorneys in Newcastle, OK

As an operations manager or supervisor in the energy industry, you know that time is of the essence. You’re constantly juggling deadlines and objectives, and sometimes unexpected situations crop up, throwing the whole schedule off balance. 

You want to make sure your company is adhering to all regulations and working with the rightful owners of the mineral and surface rights. But don’t worry; at Seda Law Firm, we’ve got your back. Our oil and gas lawyers in Newcastle, OK, are here to provide drilling, division order, and acquisition title opinions so your operations won’t be interrupted.

Expertise in All Levels of Oil & Gas Law in One Place

Imagine you’re in the middle of a job, and the sun is scorching hot. Yet as soon as your drill reaches the ground, you realize you don’t have all the necessary surface ownership information to move forward. This could lead to significant losses in time and money.

As time passes, understanding the ins and outs of mineral rights and leasehold estates keeps getting trickier. With all the different parties involved and interests at stake, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. We’re here to provide assistance, and this is a glimpse of our process:

  • We’ll assess your title research and review to ensure that all current mineral rights owners are accounted for. If there’s a discrepancy, we can help you make sure everything is in line before operations begin.
  • Our oil and gas lawyers in Newcastle, OK, will review your documents to determine your rights as a lessee or operator of the mineral property, ensuring you understand all relevant rights and obligations.
  • We’ll provide division order title opinions that are up to date with the latest regulations according to Oklahoma’s laws.

Forget about stressing over the legal complexities; instead, focus on your operations and trust your local oil and gas law firm in Newcastle, OK.

Keep Up With Regulations and Unlock Production Gains

You’re now three steps away from unlocking the full potential of your oil and gas production. Just follow along:

  1. Reach out to us via phone at 405.759.0678, email at, or our online form.
  2. Share with us the details of your situation and the specific assistance you need. Our team will work closely with you to develop the most effective course of action.
  3. With Seda Law Firm by your side, rest easy knowing that you have a trusted partner so you can reach your business’s full potential.

Seda Law Firm: Get Peace of Mind With Expert Legal Services

At Seda Law Firm, we know that legal complexities can be overwhelming and can stop you from achieving your full potential. Don’t let that happen! Our oil and gas lawyers in Newcastle, OK, will help you navigate the complexities of the legal system smoothly.

You deserve to shine and make the most of your resources without being bogged down by legalities. Let’s work together to ensure your operations get the legal attention they need!

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