Title Curative Services In Norman, OK

Title issues can be a major obstacle in any real estate transaction and can often cause deals to fall through. Because you want everything to go smoothly, ensuring all titles are in order before closing is essential. Unfortunately, it can be a complicated process that requires time and expertise. You may quickly become overwhelmed, yet no one deserves to have a deal go south because of title issues.

At Seda Law Firm, we realize that titles can be a burden and want to take the stress off your shoulders. Our team has 15 years of experience in title curative in Norman, OK. They can help you with any issue and work to ensure a smooth transaction.

Solving Title Issues For Smooth Property Transactions

Picture this: you’re trying to sell or buy a house, have your loan approved, and already received a pre-approval letter from the lender. Everything goes according to plan until the title company prepares a title search for your home. That’s when you learn that the title of your property is defective. Without a clear title, no amount of documentation will allow you to close the deal.

Our team at Seda Law Firm specializes in title documents and the chain of title that must be cleared before the property can close. We’ll work to fix any issue, whether it’s a lien, an unpaid tax bill, or a past owner’s forfeiture.

Other Common Issues We Can Assist With

  • Quiet Title: Quiet title is a process used to remove the possibility of any future challenges to a person’s right of ownership or possession. It can help when there are unclear titles due to gaps in the chain of title, mistakes in public records, or boundary disputes between adjacent property owners.
  • Affidavit Of Death Or Heirship: When an owner of a property dies, their heirs need to provide proof of death and succession of title to transfer the property rights. At Seda Law Firm, we’ll collaborate with you to complete the necessary documents and research for an Affidavit of Death or Heirship.

Get Help With Title Curative In Norman, OK: Contact Seda Law Firm

Working with Seda Law Firm prevents costly delays in real estate transactions and potential legal disputes. Our 15 years of experience providing title curative services in Norman allows us to identify and resolve issues quickly. Follow our three-step process to enjoy a smooth closing:

  1. Contact us via phone (405.759.0678), email (, or our online form.
  2. Schedule a consultation when it’s convenient for you.
  3. Let us take care of your title issues and move forward worry-free.

We look forward to hearing from you. Contact Seda Law Firm today!

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